IN CASE I’m ever a category on Jeopardy

(JUST IN CASE I’m ever a category on Jeopardy)
Here are 10 Random Facts about Gabrielle  

I can read a 1000-page book in a day if given the chance.

I always walk around with pen/pencil and my little pink book to harness my ideas.

The name “Gxcentrik” comes from Gabrielle Eccentrics.

Gxcentrik Design (previously GX.Centrics Designs) was originally the name of my t-shirt/art business, started in 1993 and has evolved into what it is today.

Between the ages of 14-17, I bought Vogue magazine every month and drew faces I liked from its pages. 4×12=48 magazines + 3 sketchbooks per year= a lot of paper!

Both my parents are entrepreneurs and have been for over 25 years – growing up with them as my role models has inspired me to run my own company.

I have an extensive collection of wooden and stone masks.

In my last year of design school, I was also a graphic assistant AND mom to a five-year-old. (where’s there’s a will, there’s a way)

In my teens, I got my scuba diving license and modeled underwater.

My favourite food isgateau de foies de volaille en sauce tomate aux olives vertes et quenelles– cuisine Lyonnaise. I won’t translate as it can’t sound any better than in French.